The unstable multicolored: Betta KOI, Fancy, Monster, Galaxy, Black Mamba, Black Samurai and others


Certainly you must have seen on the web or in person bettas called KOI, Fancy, Galaxy, Black Mamba, Black Samurai, Monster and others. And yet, questioned how to obtain them.

Bettas with these phenotypes are classified as unstable multicolored. That is, its visual characteristics (colors and color arrangement, specifically), are unstable throughout the life of the betta. Brood litters with their genotypes do not repeat the color pattern and arrangement of those of their broods significantly.

Unstable multicolored bettas suffer the action of two genes: Red Loss and Marble, sometimes acting simultaneously, sometimes not.

These patterns have gained significant fame among those who appreciate colorful bettas, but are often unaware that that commercially named “pattern” is changeable over the life of the fish, changing within a few days or weeks, suppressing layers or colors and / or changing them indefinitely, with no prediction of when or how it will occur.

On the other hand, we are aware that the market and even exhibitions of bettas around the world have still received unstable multicolored colors with strong appreciation, but with this the essential characteristic of an event that brings new stable standards with new lines and competitive differential – exclusivity is lost.

The following video provides more details on the origin and genetic modeling of these specimens.

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