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Betta fish lineages: video playlist and free ebook

This playlist aims to point out important issues in each lineage in bettas. With know-how of more than 50 years dealing with bettas, we bring globally accepted concepts that guarantee great placement in specialized exhibitions for betta breeders.

There are seven videos that aim to show each lineage. See them below.

PS: remember to activate the English (or your native language) captions, translating from Portuguese.

Betta lineages: overview

Solid and bicolor bettas

Pineapple and Chocolate bettas

Dragon bettas

Salamander bettas

Mustard Gas and Black Devil bettas

Black Orchid, Black Copper and Red Gold bettas

Do you want this information in writing? We have put together an ebook gathering all the information presented here. It is free and helps a lot in assimilating the content.

We wish you success with your bettas!


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