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Bettas Classification in their Distinct Categories


Our proposal for the classification of bettas: expanded and revised

Solid, bicolor, common multicolored, unstable multicolored and special multicolored

With technical details

Common characteristics between specimens and technical details that define their classification

Download the free ebook!

Reasons for you to download the ebook:

1. Know the beauty of lineages, combining stability in the aesthetic beauty of the betta;

2. Understand the characteristics in the phenotype of each strain;

3. Awakening a new desire and horizon in betta breeding;

4. Knowledge is power. Don't stay out of this! Your betta breeding can be even more satisfying;

5. Know-how in betta genetics since decade of 1970.

More infos about the ebook


  • The classification of bettas is not as clear as in other animals with which lineages develop;

  • The domestication of the betta dates back centuries, and today's betta has different characteristics than those of decades ago;

  • We at the Betta Project classify bettas into the following categories for color distributions:



  • Within each category you have different colors in general. Ex: solid red, blue, gold, yellow, among others. Blue and red bicolors. Yellow salamander, blue salamander, and many others;

  • We introduce the concept of colors versus distribution (or arrangement) of colors. There are different concepts that will help you classify bettas between categories;

  • This ebook presents our proposal, shows the technical characteristics of each category and gives examples of each of them;

  • Remember that the distribution of colors defines each category;

  • Categorization is a set of information that will always be open, with continuous updating.

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