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Betta Project - A DNA Experience: Proudly Disseminating Knowledge for the Development of Bloodline Bettas

Beautiful bettas, with a stable and replicable phenotype over generations

Study Guide

A step-by-step guide for you to develop bloodline bettas

Over these 14 years of the Betta Project - A DNA Experience, we have noticed the lack of a roadmap for gains and leaps in knowledge for breeders to develop lineage bettas.

We have structured this index into stages, which you can freely study according to the level of evolution your bettas are experiencing.

The betta, despite being a solitary fish, especially among males, is prolific. It is up to the breeder to promote an environment conducive to the growth of their litters until adulthood, ensuring they are long-lived and healthy throughout their lives, exempting them from suffering caused by illnesses, poor conditions and stress in general.

We present the necessary steps for satisfactory work with bettas! Check out!


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