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Who we are
The history of this project

Vitor Calil Chevitarese

Brazilian, entrepreneur and engineer, started handling bettas in 1965.

In 1978, he began to study betta genetics. In these more than 50 years dealing with bettas, he analyzes matrices, litters and studies gaps in the subject for current bettas, proposing new genetic models for those on the shoulders of giants, which naturally occurs in science. It developed the strategy presented here as a work front for this project.

Guilherme Fenselau David

Brazilian, engineer and entrepreneur, started fishkeeping in 1992.

When he started handling the bettas, he was surprised by the many colors this fish has when comparing specimens. Responsible for technical support, also produces new content guided by the strategic vision of this project.

The short story of Betta Project - A DNA Experience

Vitor has always been a scholar of betta genetics, he posted many messages in response to questions in forums and discussion. Aquarists from all over Brazil posted their doubts in these forums, where, always striving to provide the most complete answers possible, I elaborated them in detail, aiming at precision and consistency.

We met through a betta discussion forum. We joined our expertise in 2010, founding this project.

Betta Project´s work fronts

  • Rescue concepts and apply them with the bettas;

  • Disseminate the concepts involved in obtaining pedigree bettas: betta genetics, often forgotten by breeders when breeding bettas;

  • Promote integration and communication between betta breeders;

  • Propose consistent judgment criteria for bettas, which really add to breeders;

  • Propose means for the organization of technical exhibitions of bettas following this philosophy.

Our vision is to delight breeders with the selective breeding of bettas

We are sure that our contribution can result in bettas of higher genetic quality, popularizing knowledge through our work fronts to those who are interested in this magnificent ornamental fish, present in aquariums all over the world.

Count on us to support your doubts on this journey!

We also have articles and courses that deal with these subjects.

Betta Project Team

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