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Rim bettas: their characteristics and genetics

Updated: Jan 9

Recently, bettas titled as Betta Blue Rim, Betta Green Rim, Betta Copper Rim have appeared on the market. They are beautiful fish, but are they replicable or the result of chance?

Blue Rim Betta

Copper Rim Betta

Green Rim Betta

In this article we are going to analyze the traits that characterize these bettas and point to works that can generate the same results.

What are the phenotype characteristics of rim bettas?

See the photos initially shown at the beginning of this article.

You will notice that these bettas have iridescent colored fin edges (blue, green or copper). Realize that there are different between them. For example, we believe that the betta on the far left, the Blue Rim Betta, is very well characterized.

However, the indicated Copper Rim and Green Rim bettas have, on the dorsal and anal fins, the iridescent color band with a difference in width between them; the colored outline has a width that decreases along the body of the betta.

Would this failure be acceptable to characterize them in this pattern? We don't know for sure, but we believe it would not be acceptable. Anyway, it is something very recent to be determined and consolidated worldwide.

On the other hand, note that the Blue Rim Betta has blue infiltration in the pelvic fins, which visually makes it more attractive.

What is the rim betta origin?

Blue Rim, Green Rim, Copper Rim and others (always iridescent colors!) are dragon bettas (blue, turquoise and copper) with heavy opaque mantle leakage over the fins. Mantle is understood to be the color on the body of the betta only.

The logic of rim bettas color arrangement:

So, if this dragon mantle advances over the betta's fins as indicated in the images already shown, we have rim bettas, each with its iridescent color. If the dragon mantle has covered the betta's entire body, we have a Super White or Milky.

Milky bettas: a betta dragon whose mantle has advanced covering all fins

Analyzing rim betta phenotypes

Note that there is a gap in the body cover of the betta pictured above, showing blue scales near the caudal peduncle. It is, therefore, a betta with marbling; an unstable betta.

Could this betta, in turn, be called the Green Rim Betta? What do you think?

Note that the leak of the dragon mantle could be different between specimens of the same litter.

If you want to learn more about this and other genetic traits, we recommend our Course on Betta Genetics.

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We wish you success with your bettas!


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