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Proudly Disseminating Knowledge for the Development of Lineage Bettas

Beaufiful bettas, with a stable and replicable phenotype over generations

Betta Project - A DNA Experience

Our vision is to delight breeders with the selective breeding of bettas.
Our mission is to disseminate knowledge that supports this premise.

The complete step-by-step guide to help you in the world of bettas

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A step-by-step guide to clear up your doubts in the world of bettas. Discover now!

Course on Betta Genetics
Learn how to select betta matrices

Recorded classes

+ Study Book in PDF

+ The art of designing bettas

+ Course with the philosophy of continuous improvement

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Disseminate knowledge that encourages the selective breeding of bettas

Our objectives:

  • Rescue concepts and apply them with bettas;

  • Disseminate the concepts involved in obtaining lineage bettas: the genetics of the betta, often forgotten by breeders when they breed bettas;

  • Promote integration and communication between betta breeders;

  • Propose consistent criteria for judging bettas, which really benefit breeders;

  • Propose means for organizing technical exhibitions of bettas following this philosophy.

Our vision is to delight breeders with selective breeding of bettas

We are sure that our contribution can result in bettas of higher genetic quality, popularizing knowledge through our work fronts to those who are interested in this magnificent ornamental fish, present in aquariums around the world.

Vitor Chevitarese

Vitor Calil Chevitarese

Bettas breeder since 1965.
Studying the betta genetics since 1970 decade and applying selective breeding of them

Guilherme David

Guilherme Fenselau David

Bettas enthusiast

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